• Saturn: Saturn Plasma Treatment System

  • pp欧洲轮盘A plasma cleaning and surface activation solution for SMT and PCB assembly.

Saturn Specifications
EnclosureWxDxH1301Wx1477Dx2080H mm- 2485H mm With light tower
ChamberWxDxH800W x 863D x 800H mm
ElectrodesWxDxH760W x 680D mm; 29.9W x 26.8D inch
Max Number of Electrods12
PF SystemRF Power&Frequency5kW/40kHz
Gas ControlNumber of MFCs2 standard/ up to 5
Vacuum PumpPump500m³/Roots Pump+80m³/h Dry Pump(optional)
Dry Pump Purge N2 Flow5-25L/min
Facility ReauirementsPower Supply380V, 50A, 50Hz, 3-Phase, 5-Wire
Process Gas Fitting Size&Type0.25 in.OD
Process Gas Purity

CF4 = 99.97%; O2 = 99.996%;  N2 = 99.99%;

Ar = 99.999%;

Process Gas Pressure15~30 psig
Purge Gas Fitting Size&Type0.25 in.OD
Purge Gas PurityN2=99.99%
Purge Gas Pressure15-30 psig
Pneumatic Valves Fitting Size&Type0.25 in.OD
Pneumatic Gas SpecificationsCDA、60-90psig
Exhaust Size & TypeKF40
Cooling water flow16L/min
Working Temperature15~30℃
Working Humidity40~60%